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  • H4,Socket LED Headlight.
  • The Nighteye LED is known for their energy saving abilities. The lesser the level of energy consumption the more the savings for consumers. A lot of energy is wasted in halogen and HID bulbs. This is evident in that you cannot touch these kinds of bulbs when the power is on unless you are on a self-pain infliction mission.
  • Fitment is possible on almost 99% of vehicles right from Cars to Motorbikes and scooters. The fitment is exactly the same as the existing bulbs and will not require any additional engineering.
  • The bulbs have an ultra white 4500lm 6000k light similar to high-end luxury cars like Audi and Mercedes. It is perfectly within the requisite range and the light throw is perfect for night visibility. Due to its durability and reliability, the LED Bulb does not need to be replaced all the time due to failure that is common with the rest of the bulbs. They are relatively dependable as far as performance is concerned with a significantly low maintenance cost as compared to others. Halogen and HID

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